The Royal Artillery Historical Trust

The RAHT was formed by deed on 9 Dec 1981 as a mechanism for the Regiment to consolidate legal ownership of elements of the Regimental heritage, on behalf of the Royal Artillery Institution (RAI).  At that time, the Regiment’s heritage was split between several different collections.  These included the Royal Artillery Library; those items on display either in the Rotunda or the original Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich; and the Regiment’s unique medal collection, in addition to many items owned by the Royal Regiment but on loan to individual regiments or other bodies. 

The RAHT became formally responsible for these items through an additional deed of 24 Nov 1988, with the Regiment’s paintings, silver and much more remaining under the RAI.  In 2000, with the establishment of Firepower! in Woolwich, the responsibility for the routine conservation and management of the Collection passed to the Museum, however the RAHT has retained its role of oversight of this work, on behalf of the RAI and the Royal Regiment.

The RAHT has two primary objectives, which are to:

  • Promote the efficiency of the Regiment; to maintain, uphold and promote the traditions of the Regiment; to perpetuate a permanent record of its deeds and of the ordnance of all nations by preserving, exhibiting and displaying the RA Historical Collection.

  • Promote the education of the public including members of the Regiment.                                         

The RAHT consists of eleven trustees, all serving officers or warrant officers of the Royal Artillery.  They are supported by three non-executive trustees, who bring expert knowledge and experience of museum and collection management.