46 (Talavera 1809) Battery

The Bty was formed in 1794 by Captain Legge as part of the Royal Irish Artillery. It joined the Royal Artillery in 1801 when the Royal Irish Artillery was disbanded.
In January 1809 the Bty, then commanded by Capt HB Lane, sailed from Plymouth to join the British Army fighting the Peninsular Campaign in Portugal. Soon after landing it was formed into a 6-pounder brigade. On 7 May 1809 the Bty’s fought its first action in the Peninsular Wars where it started to pursue the French through Portugal and into Spain.

On 27 July 1809: The Bty, now under the command of Capt CD Sillery, was part of 6 Company, 7thBattalion and was engaged at the town of Talavera covering the retirement of the Army, which was to take up positions at Talavera. Its involvement in the battle is recorded as the Bty’s battle honour.
After Napoleonic Wars, the Bty saw service in Hong Kong, the West Indies, and Jamaica. The latter half of the Victorian Era saw the Bty fighting in the Crimean War and the Boer Wars.


The Bty was heavily involved in the battles of the First World War, especially the Battle of Ypres.
During the Second World War the Bty became part of 3 Field Regiment, seeing service through the deserts of Iraq and Iran.  It then moved to the western desert where, at the Battle of El Adem, the Bty was suspended due to the heavy losses it sustained.
The Bty was raised again during the war and saw service at both the first and second Battles of El Alamein, before moving up through Italy and fighting such noticeable battles as Casino.


Post-war 46 Bty assumed the honour title ‘Talavera’ and was rerolled to form part of 44 Searchlight Regiment, which later became a Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment.
In 1958 46 Bty joined 32 Regt RA for the first time, which was then a Medium Regt based at Dortmund in Germany, before moving back with the Regt to Barton Stacey near Andover
Between 1971 and 1977 the Bty served four emergency tours in Northern Ireland whilst stationed at Bulford.


In 1981 the Bty moved to 2 Field Regiment as the Air Defence Bty, where it deployed on Op GRANBY.
2 Field Regiment was placed into suspended animation in 1994, and the Bty returned to 32 Regt as the HQ Bty.
2001 saw the Bty deployed to Cyprus on Op TOSCA, the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Nicosia. This was soon followed by a deployment on Op TELIC 1 in 2003 in support of Op IRAQI FREEDOM.
Since then, 46 Bty supported the equipment Btys of 32 Regt with their Op TELIC and HERRICK commitments.

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