32 Regiment Royal Artillery

Originally designated as 7 Medium Regt RA, 32 Regt RA was raised in Portsmouth in 1927. From 1932 to 1938 it was based in India, before moving to Palestine in 1938.
During the Second World War, 7 Regt served across Europe and the Mediterranean. It took part in the campaigns of the BEF in 1939-40, the battles for Greece and Crete in 1941, the invasion of Sicily in 1943, and subsequently joined the campaign across NW Europe. After VE Day the Regt moved to Bochum to act as part of the occupying forces, where it was renumbered as 32 Regt RA in 1947.
32 Regt RA returned to the UK in 1948 for a brief period, before becoming part of the Hong Kong garrison in 1951. From Hong Kong, 32 Regt RA deployed two batteries to support the Korean War from 1952-53. In 1956 the Regt support Op MUSKETEER, the Anglo-Franco attempt to recapture the Suez Canal from Egyptian Nationalists.
1961 saw 32 Regt RA returning to Germany in order to take on a very Cold War specific role: the Nuclear Delivery Regiment. In the early days of the Cold War several NATO countries contributed to a joint nuclear artillery deterrent, with the HQ provided by the US Army. The group was equipped with a variety of ground-based missiles and nuclear artillery shells. The United Kingdom ceased its contributions to the group with the introduction of the Navy’s Polaris missile system and the RAF’s Vulcan bomber force.
The Regt re-rolled again in 1963, and throughout the 1960s continued to rotate between roles and locations before its first tour to Northern Ireland in 1971. Northern Ireland dominated the Regt’s time in the 1970s, with several tours to Belfast and the notorious Maze Prison. Commitments to Northern Ireland continued well into the 1990s.
However, 32 Regt RA did not just spend its time rotating between Northern Ireland and the UK mainland. In 1982 it deployed a battery on Op COPRORATE to retake the Falkland Islands. It also deployed to the First Gulf War in 1991, where 18 Bty fired the first shells in anger against Iraqi positions of the entire conflict.
In 1993 the Regt settled in Larkhill, where it has been ever since. Its Btys have deployed to the recent Ops in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. In 2006 the Regt took on its current role as an MUAS regiment, tasked with providing dedicated MUAS support to all the Army’s major expeditionary force commitments.